The Owner of Sean Philip Bridals

The Owner of Sean Philip Bridals

Our Christian-based business is located in Princeton, IL. Our core values and beliefs follow the instructions of the Bible. Our faith and trust reside with God who guides and instructs us.

In October 2020, we purchased the 9000 sq ft building where the bridal boutique currently exists. The building built in 1893 had been abandoned for 3 years. Gutting and renovations began in November 2020. The bridal boutique opened in March 2021 right before the pandemic chaos!

Sean Philip Bridals before renovations Part 1
Plans to open a bridal boutique were inspired by a chain of events. In October 2017, our youngest son, Age, was diagnosed with Wilhm’s Tumor of the kidney where he eventually lost both kidneys, lived on dialysis for a year, and underwent a kidney transplant donated by his father. In August 2019, our other son, Wyatt who at that time played football, began to experience sudden fevers and shortness of breath and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It was a devastating, dark period for our entire family. 

The Princeton and surrounding communities gathered together and prayed for us in addition to holding numerous fundraisers to defray medical and travel costs. It was during this time, that our family decided to return the love the communities had shown us by re-investing in the residents. Hence, Sean Philip Bridals named after my husband, Shawn for his unselfish gift to our son, was opened. 

To continue with our commitment and fight against childhood cancer, a portion of the store’s dress profit is donated back to childhood cancer research through The Amazing Age Foundation. 

Renovations for the one-bedroom apartment above the shop serve as an Airbnb. There are plans to complete another two-bedroom Airbnb!

902 N Main Airbnb in Princeton, IL

The most exciting part of this God journey is the plan to open a community outreach in the back of the building. In the summer of 2022, Bureau County Work Camp donated material, supplies, and labor to frame the future office space with Elmore Electric donating electrical work. We hope to complete the office space!
All gowns are carefully hand-picked and chosen to appeal to all brides of discerning taste. We only accept the highest quality at affordable prices. This mentality is extended to all other departments: evening, prom, and guest attire. 
We welcome the curious to stop by and see how this building has transformed from dry goods to furniture to antiques to a Chinese restaurant and now a bridal boutique. The building has a history and we are finding tidbits of its story hidden in the walls which will be displayed one day.

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